Jude Woodward

Jude Woodward

It is with the deepest sorrow that this website announces the death of Jude Woodward from cancer.

For more than 40 years Jude had worked full time for the cause of the liberation of humanity as a committed and highly educated Marxist.

Jude entered politics because of her commitment to feminism, anti-imperialism and anti-racism. She always went wherever she believe she could make the greatest contribution to the struggle for humanity’s liberation. Throughout her life she fought for the liberation of women, she opposed the US war in Vietnam, she worked flat out during the miners’ strike, and never gave up for a minute during the very difficult period when defeats with the collapse of the USSR allowed the US to unleash reactionary wars in Iraq and other countries. She fought any attempt to rehabilitate the reactionary ideologies of imperialism, racism and sexism that these defeats unleashed. For several years she worked full time in Tower Hamlets, alongside the Bangladeshi community, campaigning against racism. Jude was thrilled to see the new wave of struggles for socialism in Latin America symbolised by Hugo Chavez and was a staunch lifetime supporter of Cuba. One of the greatest pleasures of her life was to visit and teach in China and see the enormous progress the people of that country have made in improving their lives. Her book ‘The US vs China – Asia’s New Cold War?’ expressed that.

Jude took pleasure from a passionate love of music and opera which she received from her family – naturally with a particular love of some female roles! She was held in the highest love and respect by everyone who shared her goals for the liberation of all human beings. Not long before she died, while she was still fighting for life, she said ‘One thing I am certain of is that I made the right decision of what to do with my life.’ Her death is a blow not only to her family but to the struggle for socialism.

In the present situation it is impossible to hold the normal funeral that would be appropriate for such a determined fighter for socialism. A fitting tribute will be held at the earliest moment it is possible.

Jude would have wanted only one thing after she could no longer continue her personal struggle – for everyone to continue the fight for human liberation, which means socialism, which was the entire focus of her life. Deeply saddened but inspired by her example that is what we intend to do. Naturally, at this moment, the deepest feeling must be with her family and those who loved her. We would just like them to know one thing, we loved her too – very much.