Join Momentum’s #Unseat the Tories campaign – all out for Labour on 3 May!

With just over one week to go to until the ballots close for this year’s local elections, Momentum’s campaign to #Unseat the Tories in marginal councils is in full swing.

Thousands of activists have already taken part in Momentum’s mass canvassing sessions where Labour is putting incumbent Tory councillors under pressure.

More #Unseat the Tories events are taking place over the next week including in Kensington and Chelsea, Thurrock, Plymouth, Westminster and elsewhere across the country.

Momentum have launched an online tool for the local elections called ‘My Nearest Marginal’ where activists can input their postcode and be directed to their nearest canvassing session in one of Labour’s target council wards.

Momentum is urging as many Labour members and supporters to get involved as possible, highlighting the difference campaigning can make:

‘At the last election, ordinary activists had tens of thousands of face to face conversations that undermined the power of the right wing press and convinced people in key marginal to vote Labour.

‘Now it’s time to step up again.

‘Enter your postcode, find your nearest marginal council or ward and get the details of your next canvassing session. Let’s kick out some Tory councillors, and get Labour one step closer to power.’

Keep checking Momentum’s facebook page for the latest information of campaigning and canvassing sessions near you.