After Labour Conference – Consolidating Corbynism

29th September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Brian Jackson

The left in Britain now has a very serious chance to achieve what many people have worked their whole political lives for – to create a genuine left-wing Labour government. That is the meaning of Labour’s success under Jeremy Corbyn at the last election and the clear strengthening of the left at this year’s Labour Party conference. Because this is a truly historic opportunity, which would be a huge step forward for ordinary people both in Britain and internationally, it is necessary both to celebrate the successes already achieved and to prepare to overcome the resistance capitalism and reaction will put up to achieving that goal.

Don’t be fooled by the Labour right’s manoeuvres on the EU Single Market

22nd September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Brian Jackson

The Labour right suffered a severe defeat due to Labour’s strong result at the General Election under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. For the moment they are forced to keep their heads down and don’t dare to challenge Corbyn’s leadership openly. But don’t believe the right have given up the struggle to impose their support for austerity and wars. They have merely been forced to adopt more indirect tactics.

Corbyn’s pledge to scrap tuition fees puts Tories on back foot

22nd September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Fiona Edwards

One of the most popular policies put forward by Labour at the General Election in June was Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to scrap tuition fees. It is a policy which is transforming the political debate on higher education. After 20 years of escalating attacks on education and a political consensus that burdening students with mortgage sized debts is the way to fund higher education, this bold new approach for free, publicly funded education at all levels has set the agenda and put the Tories on the defensive.

Labour needs a Corbynista leadership in Scotland

20th September 2017 Socialist Action 0

The Scottish Labour leadership contest this autumn is important for the entire Labour Party in Britain, because how the party performs in Scotland will be a significant factor in whether Labour can form the next UK government. For Labour to win it is vital Scottish Labour improves on its poor performances at the 2015 and 2017 general elections. That requires the Scottish party to change its political orientation. A new leadership is needed that will promote Jeremy Corbyn’s popular anti-austerity agenda to the Scottish electorate.

Trump’s agenda on climate change must be opposed

19th September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Fiona Edwards

The devastating hurricanes hitting the Caribbean and southern US have shown yet again that climate change has truly arrived. Without urgent action, events like this will become more common and more severe. While extreme and tragic weather events across the world are often largely ignored but the impacts on North America has put climate change high on the political agenda in the US — the country most responsible for climate change.

Jeremy Corbyn is setting the agenda on low pay

15th September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Mark Buckley

A resolute politician can set the political agenda, even when in opposition and this is exactly what is happening on the question of low pay in Britain. Jeremy Corbyn has been clear that he will end austerity and has repeatedly focused on the issue of low pay. Labour’s position is to raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour and the highly successful manifesto included a costed plan to scrap the pay cap in the public sector. Following Labour’s advance at this June’s election, and rising support since, it is increasingly possible that Corbyn will be the next prime Minister, and both workers and the Tories have taken note.