Notes from the front – of 27/5/2016

27th May 2016 Socialist Action 0

Under Corbyn Labour support is rising, whilst the Tories and UKIP are going down

The Labour Party was the overall winner of the 5 May elections in England. It increased its support from the previous year and beat the Tories into second place. Right-wing commentators obviously want to obscure this situation, but these are indisputable facts.

Wrong choice in Welsh Assembly

26th May 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Rhys Rhymni

Labour has finally formed a coalition administration for the Welsh Assembly (Cynulliad Cenedaethol Cymru). Unfortunately, this coalition administration is with the sole Lib Dem Assembly member elected rather than Plaid Cymru.

Notes from the front – of 13/5/2016

13th May 2016 Socialist Action 0


Labour is driving back the Tories because of the Corbyn leadership

Labour’s advance on 5 May, beating the Tories in the English local elections, is a result of the party’s change of orientation under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. With Labour now robustly opposing the Tories’ austerity policies and attacks on public services, the Tories have lost a five per cent vote share since last year, as reported here.

North of Ireland elections

11th May 2016 Socialist Action 0

Support Sinn Féin struggle against Tory cuts and defence of peace process

By Tom Leary

The outcome of the latest elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly was broadly unchanged. But there was a modest setback for Sinn Féin which saw its representation fall by one Assembly member and its share of first preference votes dipped 2.9 per cent to 24 per cent. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) topped the poll once more with unchanged seats and 29.2 per cent of the vote, down just under 1 per cent.

Labour’s advance at the 2016 elections

7th May 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Tom Williams

The results of the 5 May elections are good news for Labour. It regained the post of London Mayor, beat the Tories in the English local elections and remains the largest party in the Wales Assembly. It was unfortunately further set back in Scotland, which was predictable given its right wing policies there.