Refugees Welcome Here Rally: 6.30pm 4 Nov London

The approach of winter and the building of razor wire fences in Europe underlines the need to deepen the solidarity movement with refugees under the banner ‘Refugees Welcome Here.’ The attempts by far right groups like Pegida to use the suffering of refugees to whip up racism has also given an urgency to the need to step up the opposition to racism and fascism.

There are increasing signs that Europe will not fulfil its humanitarian duty to those fleeing for their lives. Austria is planning to erect the first fence inside the European Union’s Schengen Area. Such actions threaten open borders and an escalation of racism and xenophobia.

Former Austrialian PM Tony Abbott, on 27 October, addressing a meeting in honour of Margaret Thatcher, explained where this leads: ‘The Australian experience proves that the only way to dissuade people seeking to come from afar is not to let them.’

The Refugees Welcome Here Rally on 4 November will highlight the exemplary solidarity campaigns across Europe and discuss how the reactionary response to the humanitarian crisis can be defeated.

Refugees Welcome Here Rally 6.30pm Wednesday 4 Nov London

Camden Centre, Judd Street, Kings X, London WC1H 9JE

Speakers include: Diane Abbott MP Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Claude Moraes MEP, Baroness Sheehan, Owen Jones, Francesca Martinez, Giles Fraser, Shahrar Ali Green Party Deputy Leader, Kevin Courtney Deputy General Secretary NUT, Talha Ahmad Muslim Council of Britain, Anna Musgrave Refugee Council, Shakira Martin NUS VP Further Education, Weyman Bennett, Sabby Dhalu and others tbc.

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