Emergency Meeting with Venezuelan Minister for Communications Delcy Rodriguez this Saturday

20th March 2014 Socialist Action 0

This Saturday (March 22) at 4.30pm in London there will be a unique opportunity to hear from our very special guest the Venezuelan Government’s Minister for Communications Delcy Rodriguez. This will take place after the important TUC supported Stand Up to Racism (http://www.standuptoracism.org.uk/) event, 10 minutes down the road. You can pre-register here

She will give a briefing & update on the current situation in Venezuela, where recent weeks have seen – as part of a campaign launched by Venezuela’s extreme right-wing opposition leaders forLa Salida (The Ousting of the country’s elected Government) – a wave of violent street disturbances in various parts of Venezuela, & continued Government calls for peace & dialogue.

Budget sets out plan for permanent austerity

19th March 2014 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

George Osborne’s latest Budget makes it clear that austerity policies will continue for years to come, for at least another five years. He also announced a cap on welfare expenditure, a toxic effort to blame the poor and unemployed for the crisis of the financial sector and capital in general.

The Tate’s Sylvia Pankhurst exhibition

7th March 2014 Socialist Action 0

Lessons from a ground-breaking political artist

By Christina Prentice

Tate Britain’s current spotlight on Sylvia Pankhurst’s art work gives an extraordinary new insight into the most important feminist leader of the 20th century.

It challenges the view that she gave up art for politics and brings alive the importance of her distinctive brand of feminism – not the narrow struggle for parliamentary democracy for elite women, but a hegemonic view of the struggle needed to take the whole of society forward, in Britain and internationally.