The People’s Assembly Against Austerity creates unity in fight against cuts

25th June 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity marked a significant step in creating much needed unity between the various strands of the movement in the fight against this government’s austerity policies.

It gathered 4,000 trade unionists, activists and campaigners from every part of the country, and demonstrated the strength that can be attained if differences are put aside around a common call to resist the attacks on living standards and welfare.

Pro-choice documentary – After Tiller – showing in Sheffield and London

11th June 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Lisa-Jane Green

In Britain we are seeing the increasing ‘Americanisation’ of anti-choice tactics, with groups such as Abort67 (named after the year the Abortion Act was introduced and women in Britain were able to access safe, legal abortions) and 40 Days for Life are picketing and praying outside abortion clinics displaying provocative images and boasting about the women they turned away on their blogs. They are choosing to focus on women – often extremely vulnerable women – at clinics rather than involve themselves in evidence-based discussions in the media or in Parliament.

Austerity Labour will reap reaction

6th June 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey and Jane West

The announcement by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls that the Tories’ spending plans would be the ‘starting point’ for Labour’s own budget post-2015, and Ed Miliband’s endorsement of a continuing ‘benefit cap’, clarify the nature of the coming Labour government.

photo by andjohan

Tories are backing high carbon emissions from gas instead of renewable energy

3rd June 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Bridget Robertson

This week the British Parliament will vote on the shape of our energy system for the next 40 years. The vote will lay bare the deep divisions in the British bourgeoisie between those who accept that urgent and transformational change is needed in order to keep the planet inhabitable for humanity, and those prepared in the face of overwhelming evidence of climate change to further bolster vested interests of carbon industries.