25th February 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

The award of a record breaking third Oscar for best actor to Daniel Day Lewis for his title role in Spielberg’s Lincoln has drawn even more attention to the film than its epic subject matter was already attracting. Because the film focuses attention on such an enormous revolutionary class struggle it plays a progressive role. But it is a very partial reflection of the real character of the US Civil War.

Why the bourgeois media offensive against the SWP?

20th February 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West and Nicky Dempsey

The crisis in the SWP has provoked a discussion including everything from prurient gossip and snide sectarianism to serious political analysis. For those interested in advancing the cause of socialism a potentially disintegrative crisis in the numerically largest current of the British far left is a serious matter, therefore worthy of serious comment.

There are really two issues involved. First, why this crisis in the SWP has developed. Second why the capitalist media, who are implacable enemies of anything progressive, have decided to take such an interest in the matter. As will be seen the two issues are very different.

Photo: MoudBarthez

Israel, Saudi Arabia and US preparing a coup in Egypt

13th February 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

Imperialism and Israel have never reconciled themselves to the 2011 overthrow of their client Mubarakist regime in Egypt. Israel and the US perfectly understand that not only is Egypt the most populous Arab state but it is the decisive one from the point of view of any military confrontation with the Zionist state.

The Saudi Arabian dictatorship, concerned above all with its own survival, is terrified by any unrest in the Arab world and looks to the US and Israel as the only reliable pillars to support it.