Stop the War Students Public Meeting: Don’t Attack Iran

Stop the War Coalition Students
Public Meeting: Don’t Attack Iran
Tuesday 6 March 6.00pm Room 3E
University of London Union (ULU) Malet Street London WC1E 7HY

Speakers: • Tony Benn, • Lindsey German Convenor Stop the War • Shirin Saeidi PhD student Cambridge University, CASMII • Shadia Edwards Dashti SOAS Student Stop the War

Followed by discussion / contributions from the floor

Bringing together the London universities to co-host a student Stop the War Coalition public rally to engage students in the campaign against attacking Iran. This meeting aims to educate, encourage debate, and expose the atrocities of the Western powers.

The New year opened with further threats against Iran and Syria. Israel is talking more and more of an attack to ‘deal with’ Iran’s nuclear capability, even though Israel is the only country in the middle East that actually has nuclear weapons.

In an election year for the US, tensions grow around this issue are sure to grow. Following a year when Britain and France led the intervention in Libya, the dangers of further Western attacks in the region are very real. Under the guise of ‘humanitarian intervention’ there are already signs of covert intervention in Iran.

Now is the time to start building an opposition. Join Stop the War Coalition’s students at this meeting to say no to western intervention.