BMI Mourns the Death of Redmond O’Neill

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that the British Muslim Initiative (BMI) mourns the passing away of Redmond O’Neill, advisor to the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.
To all those who knew him or came to work with him, O’Neill was truly an outstanding and courageous man, who dedicated his life to improving the lives of ordinary people. His drive, motivation, enthusiasm and sense of humour were all unique, and seldom failed to rub off and positively affect those in his presence. Even during the times when he was gravely ill, he was always upbeat and ever thinking of initiatives and projects that would serve the public.
Mohammed Sawalha, President of BMI stated: “Over the years in which we were blessed to know him, O’Neill constantly proved a great friend, an incredible supporter and an excellent public servant. It was a pleasure to have had him as a friend and brother and a privilege to have worked with him. His passing away is a loss not only to those who were close to him, but to the entire Muslim community whom he served with care, diligence and dedication”.
The British Muslim Initiative expresses it sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved ones; particularly our friend and sister Kate Hudson, the Chair of CND on this sad advent.

British Muslim Initiative
23rd October 2009