Class and voter suppression in American politics

30th October 2020 shoreditchadmin2 0

There are two major components of this undemocratic democracy. Firstly there is voter suppression either formal or informal which is aimed primarily at black and Latinx communities. Secondly there is the over representation of rural and suburban areas compared to urban areas.

Donald Trump and the states’ rights pendulum

23rd November 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Michael Wongsam

The election of Donald Trump as America’s 45th president has provoked many responses, from outright rage and protest in many urban centres through to resignation, acceptance and accommodation to the result on the part of the DNC establishment. Opponents have correctly characterised his campaign as a right wing populist call to arms aimed at mobilising rural and sub urban white communities against immigrants, Muslims, black and other minority groups around a reactionary conservative agenda. However, in order to understand this vote in its full significance it is necessary to take a longer, historic view of its place in the unfolding of US politics.