Why we need an anti-war government – Stop The War’s national tour

25th January 2018 shoreditchadmin2 0

The Stop The War Coalition have launched a nationwide tour to explore the theme ‘Why We Need An Anti-War Government’, with a series of public meetings across the country.

The tour will be an opportunity to discuss the progressive international role that a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government could play. Following Britain’s military involvement in Iraq, Libya and Syria, interventions that continue today spreading chaos and human tragedy across the Middle East, Britain changing its approach to war could be a significant and important shift.

How British Government policy on Yemen has become a fiasco

22nd September 2016 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Stephen Bell, on British policy on Yemen, was previously published by Stop the war coalition.

For some time now international pressure has been building up against the Saudi led war upon Yemen. In February this year, the European Parliament voted for an EU wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia. Recently, 64 members of the US Congress, from both Democrats and Republicans, called upon President Obama to “postpone sales of new arms” to Saudi Arabia.