No new troop assignment to Afghanistan!

3rd June 2018 Socialist Action 0

In May reports in the British press indicated that the government is planning to increase its troop deployment in Afghanistan from 600 to over 1000. These reports suggested that Prime Minister May will make an announcement at the NATO summit in July.

- Kiev International Institute of Sociology

Ukraine – oppose imperialism’s military build-up and the crackdown against the east

17th April 2014 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

The crisis in Ukraine is escalating. Unable to quell a growing protest movement against the February coup, the Kiev regime has mobilised army units to attack the people occupying government buildings in the cities across Ukraine’s east. Meanwhile, to deter the Russian Federation intervening to protect the pro-Russian population, imperialism is rapidly increasing its military deployments across the region.

© 2011 Robin Stevens

Syria – NATO steps in

18th January 2013 Socialist Action 0


By Paul Roberts

In a further escalation of Western intervention in the conflict in Syria, NATO is currently deploying advanced surface to air guided missiles that can intercept and destroy aircraft, along Turkey’s border with Syria.

US, German and Dutch troops are arriving to operate these Patriot systems, while Czech, Slovak and Polish units are also reported to be on their way to the border.

Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

What can the Libyans expect

22nd August 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Tom O’Donnell

The precise details of the imperialists’ victory in Libya are not yet clear. Their degree of direct involvement in any post-Gaddafi regime is similarly unclear, with some influential voices calling for a ‘peacekeeping’ role for Western armies. This would be an imperial invasion, having successfully suborned one side in the Libyan civil war.

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International alliances against NATO

1st December 1999 Socialist Action 0

First published: December 1999

When, on 24 March 1999, NATO launched its biggest bombing campaign in Europe since the Second World War, it expected a rapid and complete victory over Yugoslavia – a state of little more than 10 million people. Instead the people of Yugoslavia held out for 11 weeks of 24-hour bombing and the majority of the world’s population opposed NATO’s aggression. As a result, the United States had to retreat from some of its original objectives and hundreds of millions of people throughout the world were alerted to the threat they face from an imperialist alliance committed to offensive military action whenever it wishes over a vast area of the globe.