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Migration is an economic benefit

21st June 2016 Socialist Action 0

The leadership of the Leave campaign in the UK’s EU referendum has focussed its fight on whipping up hostility to immigration and encouraged a reactionary political climate. It’s main argument, that immigration lowers living standards, is not true, but this is not being challenged by the Cameron leadership of the Remain campaign.

The article below, by Michael Burke, explaining why migration raises living standards, was initially published by Socialist Economic Bulletin.

Migration and war

23rd June 2015 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Stephen Bell, on migration and war, was originally published by the Stop the War Coalition.

Issues arising from migration, particularly immigration, are some of the most ideologically loaded questions in British politics. When these questions are related to the wars of British imperialism then the narrative becomes doubly loaded. It will then be helpful to examine the issues historically, in order to cut through prevailing prejudices.