Labour: Back on track after its conference

3rd October 2018 Socialist Action 0

The Corbyn leadership emerged stronger from the Labour Party conference as the left continues to grow in number and become politically clearer. After a difficult summer the Corbyn leadership had a successful annual party conference in Liverpool at the end of September, promoting an agenda that appeals to wide layers of the population, and which forced the Tories back on to the defensive at their conference the following week.

Labour right using Brexit issue against Corbyn

5th June 2018 Socialist Action 0

A number of right-wing Labour figures are organising a concerted campaign to raise the Brexit issue in order to cause difficulties for Jeremy Corbyn. Working closely with Tories and Lib Dems, they are trying to use this issue to undermine Labour’s leadership.

Local elections : all out for Labour!

17th April 2018 shoreditchadmin2 0

This year’s local elections in Britain conclude in just over two weeks, with voters in main metropolitan areas including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle as well as other urban areas across the country going to the polls.