Labour’s manifesto

14th May 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Ian Richardson

The radical policies outlined in Labour’s manifesto have galvanised wide layers of the Labour Party membership in the fight to defeat the Tories. Beyond committed Labour activists, the broad mass of voters do not care whether the manifesto is labelled too radical by its critics and are only interested in whether policies are likely to benefit them. The manifesto is replete with proposals that will do that.

Vote Labour! Defend Corbyn! For the many, not the few! Stop the Tory Hard Brexit!

25th April 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Ian Richardson

The General Election on 8 June is a classic ‘cut-and-run’ election, called on the back of mounting evidence of the economic squeeze that is already beginning to result from Brexit and the fact that the false promises about Brexit are unravelling, including that Britain could dictate the terms it chose for a Brexit deal. This means the Tories are at a high water mark, which will now recede. Theresa May knows this and has gone for a snap election before things start to run downhill.

Labour after Stoke and Copeland

24th February 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Jerry Stone

The labour movement and the population of Britain now faces the biggest attack on it since 1979 and the election of Thatcher. This is organised around the Tory project of ‘hard Brexit’ – more precisely withdrawal from the European Single Market. This provides the context of the Stoke and Copeland by-elections and explains their outcome.

Labour should unite around membership of the Single Market

30th January 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Pat Tanner

It is clear, and becoming increasingly publicly evident, that in the coming period the living standards of the British population and British workers cannot be maintained without membership of the European Single Market. The inflation that will be created by the plunging pound will significantly cut living standards, while refusal of companies to invest without free access to a European market which is many times bigger than any UK one will lead to heavy job losses. The significantly lower economic growth that will result will put further pressure on social spending.