How the Labour right is preparing its anti-democratic coup

29th September 2015 Socialist Action 0

The Labour Party membership was delighted by Jeremy Corbyn’s first leader’s speech to Party conference. But Labour Party members will be outraged to have it confirmed that the right wing is already planning how to attempt an anti-democratic coup to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader, over-riding the vote of the Party membership.

Labour’s new leadership starts to set political agenda

29th September 2015 Socialist Action 0

The first two days of Labour conference has seen significant progress for the new Corbyn leadership. John McDonnell’s speech as shadow Chancellor was greeted enthusiastically by the clear majority of delegates and followed Jeremy Corbyn’s impressive appearance on the
Marr Show. In both cases even formerly open opponents of the new leadership were forced to concede that big successes had been registered.

After Jeremy Corbyn’s victory – the responsibilities of the British left

14th September 2015 Socialist Action 0


An historic moment in British politics

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader is without exaggeration historic. It represents an unprecedented situation in British politics. The Labour government of 1945 passed progressive domestic reforms but it was a supine tool of the US internationally – Ernest Bevin and Attlee played a key role in setting up NATO. At that time both the British capitalist class and the US perfectly understood that the shattering effect of World War II and its outcomes necessarily required partial concessions – acceptance of the temporary building of a welfare state which therefore the first post-war Tory governments initially made no attempt to reverse. At that time the US and West European economies were also undergoing rapid growth which gave them economic room for manoeuvre.