Islamophobic myths encourage attacks on Muslims

11th October 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Sabby Dhalu

In September a racist and Islamophobic campaign was whipped up in some sections of the media regarding a child from a Christian background being placed in the foster care of a Muslim family. The issue has been discussed as a “clash of civilisations” as though placing a Christian child in the care of a Muslim family is a threat to Christianity and the western world.

Oppose the new wave of Islamophobia

15th December 2015 Socialist Action 0

This article by Sabby Dhalu, outlining the latest wave of Islamophobia unleashed since the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris, was originally published in the Morning Star.

If there were any doubts that racism and Islamophobia follow ISIS terrorist attacks, then the month since the Paris attacks should dispel them.

A knee-jerk response is the last thing we need

18th November 2015 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Sabby Dhalu attacks the Islamophobic campaign being whipped up following the Paris terrorist attacks. It was originally published in the Morning Star

The terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut were chilling, and the first response of the anti-racist movement is solidarity and sympathy with all those affected.

However, the anti-racist movement is now sadly accustomed to the other responses that come fast in the wake of every terrorist attack.