March Against Racism – Saturday 17 March

11th January 2018 Socialist Action 0

Tory government policies and the drive towards Brexit are whipping up new levels of racism in Britain. As living standards fall the finger of blame is pointed at migrants and Muslims. The aim is to sow social divisions that weaken opposition to the economic attacks.

When Trump visits Britain – protest!

9th January 2018 shoreditchadmin2 0

By Sabby Dhalu.
For anyone on the receiving end of the enormous rise in hate crime over the last 18 months, the question of whether Donald Trump visits Britain is not an abstract debate. At a time when the most high-profile politician in the world is flagrantly promoting racist lies to whip up anti-Muslim hatred, the prospect of his visit poses the clear danger of a further spike in violent persecution and harassment.

Islamophobic myths encourage attacks on Muslims

11th October 2017 Socialist Action 0


By Sabby Dhalu

In September a racist and Islamophobic campaign was whipped up in some sections of the media regarding a child from a Christian background being placed in the foster care of a Muslim family. The issue has been discussed as a “clash of civilisations” as though placing a Christian child in the care of a Muslim family is a threat to Christianity and the western world.