National March for Palestine – Ceasefire Now – 11 November

National March for Palestine – Ceasefire Now
Assemble: Saturday 11 November 12 Noon
Hyde Park, London
Organised by: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition, Muslim Association of Britain, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

It is very important that this march is built widely and support provided to the PSC on the day, to ensure the success of the march.

The opponents of a ceasefire are waging a whole series of attacks on solidarity with the Palestinians, including, through the Tory government, pressuring the police to have the march banned. That pressure has in turn been passed on to the march organisers, who have confirmed that it remains necessary for there to a peaceful protest this Saturday in support of a ceasefire, given the daily crimes being committed by Israel.

Information from the organisers

Join us as we march for Palestine again in London and demand a Ceasefire now! We will assemble at 12 noon in Hyde Park and march to the US embassy in Vauxhall.

Last time we had 500,000 people join us. Lets make this 1 million!

Press Release from Palestine Solidarity Campaign – 6 November 2023

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) express deep concern at statement by Metropolitan Police

We are deeply concerned at the statement released by the Metropolitan Police with regards to our planned March for Palestine on November 11th. We have been meeting with the Police regularly in the past few weeks to maximise public safety in the large scale protests we have been organising. These protests have brought in total over 1 million people to the streets of London marching peacefully, calling for a ceasefire.

We met earlier today with the Police to finalise the route details of the planned march on Saturday going from Marble Arch to the US Embassy – well away from the centre of London and Whitehall. At that meeting the Police made clear, as reaffirmed in their statement, that the marches we had organised had been overwhelmingly peaceful with low levels of arrest.

They asked us to consider not marching this Saturday and postponing for a week because of the sensitivity of this weekend. It is categorically not true that the Police told us that it was not appropriate to protest this weekend. They raised a concern about the possibility of breakaway groups leaving the march but were not able to provide any evidence as to why this risk would be increased on Saturday 11th  November.

As we made clear in the meeting, we recognise the political pressure being placed on the police by the Government and right wing political groups. However, we emphasise that they had and have a responsibility to withstand that pressure and act to uphold democratic freedoms including the right to protest.

Those mounting pressure are the same voices actively resisting the call for a ceasefire despite overwhelming public support for that call. The idea that it is acceptable for Israel to keep bombing and killing Palestinians in Gaza, including over 4000 children, but not for people to protest peacefully against these crimes is grotesque.

We will be holding a protest on Saturday and we invite all people of conscience to join us in peacefully marching, as planned, from Hyde Park to the US Embassy. Despite their statement we will continue to engage with the Police to ensure public safety on this protest.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign on behalf of the coalition partners.