Resisting the rise of racism and fascism – Conference 19 November

Resisting the rise of racism and fascism
Stand Up To Racism National Organising Conference
11am – 5pm Sunday 19 November

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As both the Tories and Labour publicly compete over which party has the most reactionary anti-immigrant policies, it is vital that progressive people step up campaigning against racism. This forthcoming conference should be promoted widely.

Information from the organisers

The Resisting the Rise of Racism and Fascism Stand Up To Racism national organising conference that was scheduled to take place on Saturday 21 October, has been postponed and rescheduled for SUNDAY 19 November.

It has been a hell of a year for the anti racist movement, from the fight against the disasterous #IllegalMigrationBill and ongoing racist scapegoating of refugees by Sunak’s government, to the attempts by the far right and fascist forces to use this toxic divide and rule atmosphere in order to grow.

Week in week out, the anti racist and anti fascist movement has mobilised to counter this threat and say loud and clear that refugees are welcome…

Meanwhile, ongoing institutional racism must be challenged and confronted…

This national organising conference will bring together anti racists from across Britain, from the trade unions, faith groups, politicians, campaigners and activists, to discuss and organise the way forward for a strong, effective and growing anti racist movement, with international support from the World Against Racism & Fascism international coordination of anti racist movements, who will send delegations to share experiences from the global fight for a #WorldAgainstRacism #NoRacismNoFascism