No 2 NATO – No 2 War Conference – Saturday 25 February

On Saturday 25 February a ‘No 2 NATO – No 2 War’ conference will be taking place in central London from 11.00am – 5.00pm.

The event takes place as NATO powers, led by the United States, continue to escalate their proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. The US’s stated aim in this war is to ‘weaken Russia’ and the Ukrainian people are being used as cannon fodder in this imperialist enterprise. NATO countries have already sent tens of billions worth of dollars in military ‘aid’ to Ukraine in the past year in order to prolong the war and are have made commitments to continue this.

At the same time the US is leading an increase in aggression against China, which has seen the US and its allies take a number of initiatives to intensify the military encirclement of China. NATO’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg recently went on a tour of Asia, where he visited South Korea and Japan to promote an anti-China agenda.

The US’s escalating aggression against two nuclear armed powers, Russia and China, is clearly a major threat to world peace and prosperity.

To oppose this politicians, former ambassadors, trade unionists, campaigners and journalists are coming together for the ‘No 2 NATO – No 2 War’ Conference where they will make the case against NATO’s aggressive wars and for peace.

Speakers include:
Craig Murray, former British Ambassador
Peter Ford, former British Ambassador
Clare Daly, MEP
Mick Wallace, MEP
George Galloway, former MP and leader of the Workers Party GB
Chris Williamson, former MP and Socialist Labour Party  
Andy Hudd, ASLEF VP and
Audrey White, campaigner  
Fiona Edwards, No Cold War campaign
Max Blumenthal, Grayzone journalist
Anya Parampil, Grayzone journalist  
Reuben Lawrence, former solider  
Dan Kovalik, journalist  
Richard Medhurst, journalist

For more details follow No 2 NATO – No 2 War.