March Against Racism 18 March – UN Anti-Racism Day

Marches in London, Glasgow and Cardiff
Details to be announced soon

Spread the word and mobilise for UN Anti-Racism Day.
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Organised by Stand Up To Racism
Supported by the TUC

Information from the organisers

On Saturday 18 March 2023 we will march to resist racism and mark UN Anti Racism Day in London, Glasgow and Cardiff and internationally in many places across Europe, the US, Africa and wider (follow updates at In Britain the protests will be organised with the TUC. 

In Britain we face a crisis ridden government attempting to use racism to make ordinary people pay for the cost of living crisis.

The ‘Rwanda plan’, the Nationality and Borders Act, racist deportations and the hostile environment for refugees and migrants are all about divide and rule.

The government deny the reality of institutional racism – despite massively disproportionate deaths in black communities during the pandemic – and the reality of deaths in police custody, racist stop and search and discrimination across society.

Internationally we are seeing the growth of the racist and fascist right and an alarming rise in Islamophobia, antisemitism, Sinophobia, anti East/South East Asian racism and attacks on Gypsy, Rome and Traveller communities.

We need to mobilise the antiracist and antifascist majority. Join us on the streets as part of an international day of action to mark UN anti-racism day. #RefugeesWelcome #StopRwanda #BlackLivesMatter #NoRacismNoFascism