Peoples Assembly National Demonstration 5 November London

Peoples Assembly National Demonstration
Sat 5 November
Assemble 12 noon Embankment London

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Information from the organisers of the demonstration

As the Tory government prepares to ram through even more draconian anti-union laws to prevent workers taking action to defend themselves, from ‘Fire and Rehire’ and the Cost-of Living crisis, we are all facing the fight of our lives. This is why The People’s Assembly is asking for your continued support to help us take our simple message onto the streets over the next few weeks – We won’t pay for their crisis!

Average household energy bills are predicted rise to £4200 a year this winter. The Bank of England now officially forecasts economic recession and higher inflation for most of 2023. At the same time, we are seeing our incomes fall in real terms and we are living in a time of societal collapse.

But not everyone is struggling. Energy companies report record profits. Others, including supermarkets, transport firms and landlords are enjoying an absolute bonanza. Their profits and rents come from the pockets of ordinary people who are already struggling – even before winter comes.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

This government has no popular mandate for its policies that punish workers and their families. But unless we mobilise real determined opposition to government policies, vicious attacks on working class people will continue.

The People’s Assembly is therefore calling on all our supporters to help us to mobilise the biggest, most united voice of workers and communities from every corner of Britain in the coming weeks. This includes joining the National Demonstration on Saturday 5th November. (We will be organising low cost transport from a number of towns and cities).

Our demands include:
End the Cost-of-Living Crisis – Cut Profits, Not Wages
Tax Wealth – Fund Social Care & Social Security – End Fuel Poverty
Nationalise Energy, Water, Mail and Rail
End Britain’s Low Pay Crisis
Tories Out
Scrap Anti-Union Laws
End the Housing Crisis – Build Council Homes
End outsourcing and privatisation of NHS & Public Services