Support the postal and telecoms workers strikes

The biggest strikes so far this summer will begin on Friday 26 August as 115,000 postal workers will come out for a “dignified, proper pay rise”. Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) – which represents postal and telecoms workers – will be starting a series of national strike actions on the 26th. There will be further strikes of CWU members on Saturday 27 August, Tuesday 30 August, Wednesday 31 August, Thursday 8 September and Friday 9 September.

CPI inflation in the year to July 2022 rose by 10.1% and RPI inflation by 12.3%. Any nominal pay rise less than inflation is a real pay cut which will result in further reductions to workers’ living standards.

The fight by CWU members struggle aids the entire working class and it should be supported across the entire labour movement.

Details of where there are picket lines on 26 August can be found here.

For further information visit here.