Fog of war over Ukraine – Online Meeting 4pm Sunday 6 March

Fog of war over Ukraine
Online Meeting
4pm Sunday 6 March

Ben Norton
Boris Kagarlitsky
Alexander Buzgalin
Brian Becker
Sara Flounders
Victor Figueroa
John Ross
Moderator: Radhika Desai

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Event organised by the International Manifesto Group
Co-sponsors include: The Answer Coalition, International Action Centre, and the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War

Information from the organisers

This panel analyzes the causes, interests and consequences of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

As has been clear for many weeks now, there are many competing narratives about the possibility and causes of the escalating conflict between the US and Russia over Ukraine. The war that started last week marks one of the most important turning points in our rapidly changing world order. This panel, with experts from Russia, Britain and the US seeks to understand the motivations of the various parties in contention, particularly the US, Russia, Britain and the major continental European powers, and assess the most realistic possibilities of how it will unfold and end.