Stop racism! Stop anti-Asian hate! Rally: Time to act! Sat 27 Nov

Stop racism! Stop anti-Asian hate!
Rally: Time to act!
1pm Sat 27 November
Gerrard Street
Chinatown, London

Speakers include:
• John McDonnell MP
• Dr Peng Wang
• CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association)
• Dr Ping Hua
• Bobby Chan
• Kate Hudson
• Liz Fekete
• Gus John
• Fiona Edwards
• Sequoyah De Souza Vigneswaren
• Suresh Grover
• Aliya Yule (Migrants Organise)
• Janpal Basran (Southall Community Alliance)

No to a new cold war

Organised by:
• Min Quan Legal Centre
• The Monitoring Group
• The Federation of UK Fujian Chinese
Supported by:
• London Chinatown Chinese Association
• Confederations of Chinese Association UK
• Chinese Students and Scholars Association UK
• UK Beijing Association
• UK Fujianese Association
• Cambridge Chinese Community Centre
• Pagoda Arts Centre Liverpool
• Chinese Arts Southampton
• No Cold War Britain

Information from the organisers

The United Nations has condemned “a tsunami of hate and xenophobia” driven by Government leaders during the pandemic by employing “anti-China rhetoric” culminating in murder, violence and hate against Chinese people and other Asian communities perceived to be of Chinese origin globally, including in the UK. We have the power as active citizens to stop the tide of hatred.

The drums of a new cold war have started to beat louder led by the aggressive Government statements against China. As nations, we should be uniting to confront the deadly impact of global health pandemics, climate change, inequality, racism and poverty- all of which have claimed millions upon millions of lives and is devastating our planet. We have the power as active citizens to transform our world where peace, justice & solidarity are permanent features.

An initiative of Min Quan and The Monitoring Group
For further information contact or 020 7582 7438