Can the NHS cope under the weight of government policy? – Meeting 6.30pm Monday 6 December

Can the NHS cope under the weight of government policy?
On line meeting
6.30pm Monday 6 December

Speakers including:
Deepti Gurdasani
Dr Louise Irvine
Helen O’Connor
Diane Abbott MP
Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP

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Organised by the Zero Covid Coalition

Information from the organisers

The NHS is already under severe strain with ambulance crews at the greatest risk. How can the NHS cope and how can we save it.

Even before the winter ‘flu season has properly begun, the NHS is already under severe strain. It has been reported that ambulance crews in every NHS Trust are at the highest level of risk, with waiting times climbing to dangerous levels. At the same time, NHS chiefs have revealed enormous pressures built up by the continuing crisis in social care which means patients who should be discharged from hospital cannot be.

Clearly these tensions are partly in response to the government’s reckless approach to the pandemic. They are relying solely on vaccines, an approach that has worked nowhere else. But there are also structural issues, caused by underfunding, outsourcing, privatisation and understaffing. All of these are a product of government policy. Corruption around NHS procurement is increasingly in the news.

So, we are coming together to ask whether the NHS can survive these burdens, and what we can do to reverse them.