Abortion Rights solidarity with Texas actions – 2 October

Abortion Rights solidarity with Texas actions
2 October

London   Edinburgh   Belfast

There are actions being organised in solidarity with Texas in London, Edinburgh and Belfast on Saturday October 2.

This is part of a global co-ordinated action, with marches taking places across the United States on the day.

Information from Abortion Rights

Texas brought in a ban on abortions over 6 weeks, effectively removing access to safe abortion for most people in the State.

Abortion Bans like this disproportionately impact those from low-income and people of colour.

Restricting or banning abortion doesn’t stop abortions. It just forces people to seek unsafe methods and puts them at risk. People of colour will be disproportionately criminalised.

Abortion Rights’ stands in Solidarity with all those worldwide fighting against dangerous anti-abortion bans and repressive legislation. We stand in defence of abortion & in solidarity with pro-choice marches taking place across the US on 2 Oct to #DefendAbortion in #Texas.

Access to Safe abortion is our right and we must #DefendAbortion

This is no time to be complacent. We must show up in solidarity with the people of Texas, and show the antis that we are watching, and that we do not go down without a fight.

Dust off your banners and placards, bring your friends, join us.