The Past 100 Years: China, the West and the World – Webinar Weds 21 July

The Past 100 Years: China, the West and the World
Webinar 2pm Wednesday 21 July
(2pm Britain, 9am US Eastern, 9pm China)

Speakers include:
Martin Jacques
Wang Wen
Vijay Prashad
Liu Xin
Margaret Kimberley
Radhika Desai
Jaya Josie
Yury Tavrovsky
John Ross

The event will be streamed on YouTube at and on Weibo, Bilibili and other internet channels in China.

The event is hosted by No Cold War and Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China.

Information from the organisers

The last 100 years have seen dramatic changes in the relation between the West and China. From 1921-1945 China was chiefly seen by the West as an ally against Japan’s militarist aggression. Then from 1949-1972 the US launched cold, and hot (Vietnam, Korea), wars involving China. In 1972 Nixon made his dramatic trip to Beijing starting 40 years of overall US-China détente. Then, from 2012, the US launched the ‘Pivot to Asia’, a clearly aggressive policy against China. This was deepened under Trump and Biden by an open US new cold war against China.

What lies behind these dramatic shifts in US policy to China? How has China responded? What are the chances to end this cold war and return US-China relations to a path of cooperation?

These are among the questions that will be discussed by leading Chinese and Western experts on China and its international relations at this China-West webinar.