One year on from George Floyd’s Murder – Week of Action from 22 May

One year on from George Floyd’s Murder – We need action now!
Week of Action – Organised by Stand Up To Racism

Online rally 5pm Saturday 22 May

Speakers confirmed so far:
Diane Abbott MP
Victor Sylvester, Roger Sylvester Justice Campaign
Elise Bryant, Coalition of Labour Women President & United Against Hate (US)
Aman Ali, Head of Community Engagement & Development at  MEND
Bell Ribiero-Addy MP
Cammilla Mngaza, Free Siyanda Campaign
Lawrence Davies, Equal Justice solicitor for Belly Mujinga case
Shaka Hislop, ex footballer & Show Racism The Red Card ambassador
Andrew Boateng, campaigner who was accosted by police while cycling with his son
Rev. Kobi Little, President of the Baltimore NAACP
Ryan Colaço, campaigner and target of racist stop & search
Sabby Dhalu & Weyman Bennett, Co-convenors of Stand Up to Racism

Register for the rally here.

#TakeTheKnee  6pmTuesday 25 May
Everywhere across the country – in local communities, in your workplace, college or school, on your doorstep

For a full list of events see here.

George Floyd’s murder last year on 25 May brought into sharp focus the pervasive issue of racism. His death led to many people taking to the streets not only in the US but here in the UK. It sparked a summer of protests despite the pandemic, across many towns and cities in the Britain under the leadership of young people.

It important to highlight that incidents like the one that led to George Floyd’s death do not only happen in the US. This week the trial for the murder of Dalian Atkinson began. In 2016, a police officer murdered the former Aston Villa striker, first shooting him with a taser stun gun for 33 seconds, then kicking him in the head as though striking a football, causing his head to snap back violently, a jury heard on Tuesday. As the trial continues, we hope that justice is served for the murder Dalian Atkinson as it was for George Floyd.

From the denial of institutional racism by the government to deaths in police custody or at the hands of police, we know that the UK is not innocent.