Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs call for the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn

The right-wing in the Labour Party are attempting to silence the huge opposition that exists, within the party, to the actions being taken against Jeremy Corbyn.

Local parties are being told that there are restrictions being placed on their democratic rights to discuss their opposition to Corbyn’s suspension from Labour. So Labour Party activists are having to work out ways to express their support for Corbyn.

Below is the text of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs call for the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party, signed by 18 of the group’s MPs.


Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn – Unite to Fight the Tories

We oppose the suspension of former Labour Party Leader Jeremy

Corbyn and call for his suspension now to be quickly reversed.

The publication of the EHRC report ought to have been an important moment for the Labour Party to reflect and move forward together in the battle against antisemitism.

Instead, we now face chaos and division in the party, with a former Labour Party leader suspended, demoralising many members who the Party needs to be active in their communities in the fight against the Tories.

We share the views of the leaders of seven trade unions affiliated to our Party who expressed “serious concerns about the manner of and rationale for suspension of the former party leader Jeremy Corbyn” and call for a “unifying way forward.”

Our communities are being hit by the greatest public health crisis in generations and the deepest economic collapse in decades. A united Labour movement that takes the fight to the Tories is more important than ever.

Now is the time for our movement to unite behind the implementation of the EHRC’s recommendations; to force the government to change track from the disastrous path it is pursuing in relation to Coronavirus; to fight the wave of racism and scapegoating targetting Black, Jewish, Asian and other minority communities that is likely to increase even further in a period of deep economic crisis; and to fight for a Labour government.

We believe that members are the lifeblood of our Party and our movement and call on members dismayed by this suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and thinking of leaving to stay and fight for his reinstatement and for the policies for the many not the few that working-class communities in all their diversity need at this time more than ever.

• Diane Abbott MP

• Tahir All MP

• Apsana Begum MP

• Christine Blower

• Pauline Bryan

• Richard Burgon MP

• lan Byrne MP

• Katy Clark

• Mary Foy MP

• John Hendy

• Ian Lavery MP

• Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

• John McDonnell MP

• lan Mearns MP

• Grahame Morris MP

• Kate Osborne MP

• Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP

• Zarah Sultana MP

• Jon Trickett MP

• Claudia Webbe MP

• Mick Whitley MP

• Beth Winter MP