Black Lives Matter – No to Trump & Johnson’s Racist Offensive – International Conference 17 & 18 October

Stand Up To Racism is hosting an online international conference on 17 & 18 October.

The conference comes at a crucial time as the inspiring and combative Black Lives Matter movement, which emerged in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, continues its protests across the US, and at a time when the global Covid19 pandemic is disproportionately killing Black people.

In Britain there has been an intensification in recent weeks of the scapegoating of refugees and migrants in the mainstream media and across the political establishment.

Across the world we are seeing hundreds of thousands of people taking part in Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist activities.

These key issues in the struggle against racism will be addressed by a wide range of international speakers at the conference, making it an important event for progressive people to build and participate in.

The conference takes place over Saturday 17 October, and Sunday 18 October, with workshops running (online via Zoom) from 2pm on the Saturday. There will be  a major international angled rally on the Saturday at 5pm, and a major domestic angled rally taking place on the Sunday at 5pm.

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Plenaries & Workshops


Saturday 17 October 5pm
Black Lives Matter Vs Trump – A Decisive Moment in the Anti Racist Movement

Sunday 18 October 5pm
Covid Crisis, Racism & Building the Fightback


Saturday 17 October 3pm to 4.15pm

Covid19, economic crisis- why black lives matter
Scrap section 60 – End Stop & search BLM
Decolonise now – confronting Britain’s colonial legacy
Trump, Salvini & Le Pen – Unite Against Fascism & the racist right 
Love music, football & culture – hate racism
Refugees welcome – end the hostile environment