New blow for US imperialism as Bolivia re-elects Evo Morales

Evo Morales

Bolivian President Evo Morales, whose government has overseen improving living standards and a dramatic reduction in poverty while in power, has been re-elected. This is yet another blow for the ongoing US campaign to get rid of left-of-centre governments in Latin America and boost their austerity-supporting opponents.

As outlined in this article on The Canary website – the US will not recognise the result and has wasted no time in attempting to delegitimise the election.

The US is backing right-wing opposition groups in Bolivia that have staged violent protests, including burning down electoral offices, in a coordinated attempt to derail the democratic process. Evo Morales has denounced this destabilisation campaign as an internationally-supported coup plot. 

Since Evo Morales was first elected President and assumed office in 2006 he has implemented economic policies that have ushered in a national transformation, building a new model of development that embraces the dynamic role of state intervention in the economy.

The US is intervening in Bolivia with the hopes of installing a right-wing government to reverse Bolivia’s progress.

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