Defend Brazilian democracy – Oppose a coup

Dilma Rousseff & Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Progressive people are being asked to endorse the statement below supporting democracy in Brazil.

The objective is to encourage fair reporting of Brazilian politics and therefore help protect Brazil’s democratic processes.

To add your name to this statement on Brazil please email your name and the text of the statement to

The statement is being circulated by Dr Francisco Dominguez, Head of Brazilian & Latin American Studies, Middlesex University, & Venezuela Solidarity Campaign Secretary.

Statement: Defend Brazilian democracy

We, the undersigned, are extremely concerned about the sustained efforts by sections of Brazil’s right-wing opposition to destabilise – and ultimately overthrow – Brazil’s constitutional and elected government, including through attempting to impeach President Dilma Rouseff. This campaign has involved demonstrations for ‘regime change’ through the ousting of the President before the end of her term. These have even included overt calls for the military to carry out a coup d’état. There is also a crude campaign aimed at discrediting former president Lula, who Dilma is seeking to appoint as a Minister in her Government. The aim here seems to be not only to oust Dilma but also legally bar Lula as a potential presidential candidate in 2018. Meanwhile, trade unions and social movements have denounced examples of physical aggression against government supporters. We oppose this golpista attempt, echo the support for Brazil being given by the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and defend Brazilian democracy.