Notes from the front – of 30/4/2016

30th April 2016 Socialist Action 0

Corbyn’s Labour under attack – as it pushes back the Tories

Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader and Labour adopted the approach of opposing and voting against Tory austerity policies, the Tories’ political weakness has been exploited and a number of significant reversals imposed on the government.

Notes from the front – of 21/4/2016

21st April 2016 Socialist Action 0

People’s Assembly Against Austerity continues to advance

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity (PAAA) continues to place itself at the centre of all the key struggles against austerity and the 16 April demonstration was a big success.

Vote Sadiq Khan for London Mayor

20th April 2016 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Matthew Willgress, supporting Sadiq Khan for Mayor of London, was previously published by Labour Briefing. Labour’s campaign is correctly focussed on housing and public transport, two of Londoners’ most pressing concerns about living standards. The Tories meanwhile are trying to whip up prejudice against Khan’s race and Muslim faith, waging a smear campaign accusing him of extremism and links to terrorism. Reject Tory austerity and racism – Vote Labour!

Despite the ongoing and relentlessly negative noise – mainly not around key political or economic issues – from our biased media, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has so far proven a success. In particular, the Oldham by-election was a great victory, seeing off a perceived challenge from UKIP.

Vote Labour: Kick the Tories out!

19th April 2016 Socialist Action 0


The Labour Party offers the best hope for ordinary working people and their families at the forthcoming 5 May elections.

The Jeremy Corbyn leadership is putting forward the most progressive agenda the party has ever advanced, standing up for the general interests of the population by opposing austerity, racism and war. This situation, as previously described, is unprecedented in British politics.

Notes from the front – of 14/4/2016

14th April 2016 Socialist Action 0

Rally behind Corbyn to kick out the Tories

With three weeks to go till elections in Britain, Labour has intensified its campaign and inflicted further damage on the Tories. Jeremy Corbyn’s challenges to the Prime Minister to come clean, over income from tax-avoiding offshore funds, resulted in David Cameron’s worst week in office. Tory policies are being increasingly questioned as claims that ‘we are all in it together’ are further exposed as completely false.

Notes from the front – of 5/4/2016

5th April 2016 Socialist Action 0

Step up the campaign for Labour

On 5 May there will be elections in London, Scotland, Wales and in English local authorities. The priority for Labour Party members for these next four weeks is to assist the Labour campaign. Everything should be done to maximise Labour’s vote.