Notes from the front – of 31/3/2016

31st March 2016 Socialist Action 0

Corbyn steps up Labour’s campaign into May’s elections

With elections due in five weeks, Labour is intensifying its campaign for an alternative to government policies. The current focus is on the steel industry whilst over Easter it was education. These campaigns follow on from Labour’s success in pressing the Tories to U-turn on their Budget’s proposals to cut disability benefits, maintain value added tax on women’s sanitary products and on solar panels.

The historic and contemporary significance of the 1916 Easter Rising

30th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Stephen Bell

In 1916 the Easter Rising represented the resumption of the struggle for Irish freedom. The decision in 1914 of the Irish National Volunteers and the Irish Parliamentary Party to support the British government in the inter-imperialist war effectively subsumed the national movement. By 1916 hopes for an early victory by either side in the war had disappeared. It was time to reclaim hope for Ireland at home, from its slaughter overseas.

Education: How to lose friends and alienate people

29th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Atkin

There is an air of recklessness about this government. It’s as if they are aware of how thin and shallow their popular support is, so they are going for broke in the hope of carrying the day through sheer chutzpah. In the process they run the risk of pushing an already straining schools system beyond breaking point.

Why China can achieve its 6.5% growth rate target

24th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

The following article by John Ross, explaining why China can achieve its 6.5 per cent growth target, was previously published by Socialist Economic Bulletin.

Economic targets for China were announced during the National People’s Congress of at least 6.5% annual GDP growth during the 13th Five Year Plan in 2016-20 and 6.5%-7.0% for 2016. Some Western economists claim such targets cannot be achieved. In fact, analysis of supply side factors, which will primarily be relied on to achieve these goals, shows clearly why China can achieve its 6.5% minimum growth goal.

Notes from the front – of 23/3/2016

23rd March 2016 Socialist Action 0

Labour’s opposition was instrumental to the Tories’ Budget crisis

Less than one year after winning the General Election the government has suffered a significant setback under the pressure of Labour’s attacks. The Tories have been forced to reverse a number of budget proposals, the Chancellor’s reputation for competence is in shreds, a cabinet minister has resigned, Tory infighting has intensified and Labour has advanced in the polls.

Labour has a serious economic policy – now it needs to be serious about stopping a coup

17th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

John McDonnell’s announcement of a ‘Fiscal Credibility Rule’ lays the foundation on which Labour can restore its economic credibility and correct the key policy failure that lost it the 2015 General Election. Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity agenda is now underpinned with a sound economic framework. These policies to improve people’s living standards should set Labour’s agenda for its fight against the Tories. To guarantee this advance can be maintained it is necessary to remove the threat of a leadership coup.