Stop Trident National Demo Sat 27 February London

Stop Trident National Demonstration

Assemble 12 noon • Saturday 27 February 2016 • Location Central London • Meeting point to be announced
March to Trafalgar Square Rally with contributions from a range of political & celebrity speakers

Trident is a gigantically expensive irrelevance. It is not an ‘independent’ nuclear deterrent but purely one that can technically operate with the permission of the US. From a military point of view Trident is a complete diversion. It would have been useless in the real military conflicts British imperialism has engaged in – such as the bombing of Iraq, Libya and Syria. ISIS and other such forces should undoubtedly be enthusiastically in favour of Trident as it substantially reduces the amount of military resources that Britain can actually deploy against them.

Trident’s sole real function is to tie Britain firmly into a subordinate political/military relation with the US. It is irrelevant to any real military issue – but hugely expensive. The Ministry of Defence estimates suggest that the whole-of-life cost of building and running the Trident submarine system will be a staggering £167bn in total, including the £31-£41bn set aside for the initial capital costs. The running costs are estimated to be around 6% of the total defence budget.

CND has called this national demonstration to say No to government plans to buy a new system as Parliament will be voting on this in 2016.


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