A knee-jerk response is the last thing we need

18th November 2015 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Sabby Dhalu attacks the Islamophobic campaign being whipped up following the Paris terrorist attacks. It was originally published in the Morning Star

The terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut were chilling, and the first response of the anti-racist movement is solidarity and sympathy with all those affected.

However, the anti-racist movement is now sadly accustomed to the other responses that come fast in the wake of every terrorist attack.

Notes from the front – of the week 12/11/2015

12th November 2015 Socialist Action 0

Maximise Labour’s vote in Oldham – by opposing austerity and racism

The first parliamentary by-election since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour Leader takes place on 3 December. The seat of Oldham West and Royton became vacant following the death of the staunch left-wing Labour MP Michael Meacher. It is important for Labour’s new leadership that this electoral contest is won decisively.

Right keeps up the pressure on Jeremy Corbyn

11th November 2015 Socialist Action 0


Jeremy Corbyn once again put Cameron on the back foot at PMQs last week, pressing him yet again on his plans on tax credits since the defeat in the Lords. Corbyn’s remark – ‘this is not a constitutional crisis, but a crisis for hardworking families’ – is a memorable put down for a Prime Minister who has attempted repeatedly to shift the debate away from the impact of the cut in tax credits to the alleged scandal of its rejection by the Lords.

But despite these successes, the right have not let up on their anti-Corbyn offensive.

Spies and Spooks: The same old story

11th November 2015 Socialist Action 0

British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Teresa Villiers used a recent report to lay a series of unsubstantiated allegations against Sinn Féin. The purpose of the report was to act as a smokescreen providing cover for a Unionist walk-out from the Assembly. But the report itself was actually written by MI5, one of the many arms of the British state that were parties to the military conflict. In one case alone MI5 is itself under official investigation for its involvement in up to 40 murders.

In the article below Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams places the latest report and the most recent allegations in the context of Britain’s long and bloody interference in Ireland. It is republished from Léargas.

The US escalates tensions in South China Sea

9th November 2015 shoreditchadmin2 0

At the end of October the USA escalated tensions in the South China Sea by sending an American destroyer within the 12-mile coastal limit of Chinese held islets. Having been threatening to take some form of action against China in the South China Sea for several months, the US action when it came was rather limited. But nonetheless it was a provocative act and elicited a strong verbal response from China.