Notes from the front – of the week 15/4/2015

15th April 2015 Socialist Action 0

Deadlock in polls as most voters want austerity to end

The launch of the party manifestos has highlighted the deadlock between the major parties. The majority of the population wants to end austerity and both major parties are committed to maintaining it, in different degrees. As a result there is currently no sign of a breakthrough in the polls on either side.

Notes from the front – of the week 9/4/2015

9th April 2015 Socialist Action 0

British leaders’ debates highlight need for new politics

Even many of the most blinkered political commentators have registered that the seven-way leaders debate embodies the fracturing of the traditional British political system dominated by the two major parties. The fact that it also clearly ushered in a new era of women’s political leadership is clearly progressive.

Lenin and the Easter Rebellion of 1916

2nd April 2015 Socialist Action 0

Lenin was the foremost exponent of Marxism of his generation whose leadership was decisive in the success of the Russian Revolution. This was made possible by the development of a theoretical outlook which informed the anti-imperialist wing of the socialist movement which subsequently became the worldwide communist movement.