Notes from the front – of the week 25/2/2015

25th February 2015 Socialist Action 0

Greece: EU still trying to impose austerity

The new Greek government’s struggle with the EU has started to unfold with the outcome of the first round of negotiations with the EU institutions. This has seen Syriza forced to make a number of concessions on their anti-austerity programme.

The Syriza government is in a fight with hugely powerful forces – Germany, the IMF, European capital – which made it clear to Greece they were prepared to unleash a whirlwind if its government does not comply. The clearest threat was of an engineered run on the Greek banks which would have brought the tills to a standstill and led to an immediate chaotic social and economic crisis. The consequences would have made the 2013 Cyprus crisis look like a walk in the park.

Kick out the Tories – put Ed Miliband in Number 10

18th February 2015 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

There are only two possible outcomes to the General Election in May this year. Either Cameron will be returned to Number 10 or he will be replaced by Ed Miliband as Labour Prime Minister.

For the left and all progressive people the choice is unequivocal: kick out the Tories and put Ed Miliband and Labour in Number 10.

Notes from the front – of the week 17/2/2015

17th February 2015 Socialist Action 0

Black, Muslim, Jewish, all these lives matter

Events of recent weeks have provided an object lesson in why it is vital to build a united movement against all forms of racism.

The attacks in Copenhagen last weekend, one of which was on a synagogue, and the desecration of Jewish graves in France, have added to the deepened concerns in the Jewish community that – on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – they are facing a new wave of European anti-Semitism.

Notes from the front – of the week 11/2/2015

11th February 2015 Socialist Action 0


Greece confrontation moves closer – Syriza hasn’t blinked

The confrontation between the anti-austerity Syriza government in Greece and Germany – which stands behind the decisions of the financial troika of the European Commission, IMF and European Central Bank – is shaping up for a denouement as early as the end of this month. Greece’s current bailout programme is due for renewal on 28 February.