Support the RMT!

29th April 2014 Socialist Action 0

The RMT is taking strike action to defend public services and it should be given full support. In London the Tories’ austerity agenda includes cutting jobs and safety on London’s underground. The [Read more]

NUT digs in for a war not a battle

27th April 2014 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Cranston

Teachers will be taking further action against this government because their pay and conditions are under sustained attack, the scale of that deterioration being illustrated in the graphs below (originally published here).

Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution

25th April 2014 Socialist Action 0

The following is a report on Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution by Denis Fernando. It previously appeared at Occupy London.

I have just returned from Ecuador where I went to see for myself the gains of the country’s Citizens’ Revolution and the lessons it has for activists seeking to build a better world.

- Kiev International Institute of Sociology

Ukraine – oppose imperialism’s military build-up and the crackdown against the east

17th April 2014 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

The crisis in Ukraine is escalating. Unable to quell a growing protest movement against the February coup, the Kiev regime has mobilised army units to attack the people occupying government buildings in the cities across Ukraine’s east. Meanwhile, to deter the Russian Federation intervening to protect the pro-Russian population, imperialism is rapidly increasing its military deployments across the region.