Latin America ¡Adelante! Conference

9:30am to 4:30pm Saturday December 7th

Congress House, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS


Contributors include:

Jeremy Corbyn – MP
Carlos Fonseca – FSLN, Nicaragua
Tariq Ali – veteran activist, editor of New Left Review, Guardian contributor, and author of several books including ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’
H.E. Ester Armenteros – Cuban ambassador to the UK
Owen Jones – Independent contributor and author
H.E. Alicia Castro – Argentinean ambassador to the UK
Seumas Milne – Guardian associate editor and author, including ‘The Revenge of History’
Darcus Howe – writer and broadcaster
Ann Pettifor – author and fellow of the New Economics Foundation.
Prof. Ernesto Laclau –academic, Professor at the University of Essex, author of ‘Emanciaption(s)’, among many other titles
Dr. Oscar Guardiola-Rivera – author of ‘What if Latin America ruled the world?’, and ‘Story of a death Foretold’
Salma Yaqoob – activist and broadcaster
Bernardo Alvarez – Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Mnister
Mariela Kohon – Director, Justice for Colombia
Javier Farje – journalist and editor for the Latin America Bureau
Dr. Victor Figueroa – lecturer and author of ‘Salvador Allende: Revolutionary Democrat’
Lindsey German – author and convenor of the Stop the War coalition
Mohammed Taj – TUC President
Jairo Diaz – Patriotic March, Colombia’s mass political and social opposition movement
Prof. Doreen Massey – professor emeritus at the Open University and author of ‘World City’.
Dr. Francisco Panizza – lecturer at LSE and author of ‘Contemporary Latin America. Development and Democracy beyond the Washington Consensus’
Samuele Mazzolini – Ecuadorian journalist
Kerry McCarthy – MP, Shadow foreign office minister
Ellie O’Hagan – Guardian Columnist
Conor Murphy – MP, Sinn Féin
Dr. Francisco Dominguez – lecturer, campaigner and co-author of ‘Right-wing Politics in the New Latin America’
Robin Blackburn, former editor of New Left Review author of several books including ‘American Crucible: Slavery, Emancipation and Human Rights’
Dr. Julia Buxton – academic and author of ‘The Political Economy of Narcotics, Production, Consumption and Global Markets’
Julio Etchart – award winning photographer
Arnold August –author of ‘Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion’
Dr. Thomas Muhr – academic and editor of ‘Counter-Globalization and Socialism in the 21st Century: The Bolivarian
Alliance for the Peoples of Our America’
Steve Hart – UNITE the union
Lee Brown – Campaigner, researcher, and Huffington post contributor.
Pablo Navarette – Alborada Films
Dr. Monica Moreno-Figueroa – academic and lecturer at Newcastle University
Aaron Kiely – NUS Black Students’ Officer
Chris Williamson – MP
Costas Lapavitsas – Professor of economics at SOAS, author of ‘Crisis in the Eurozone‘
Dr Tony Kapcia – author and Professor of Latin American History at Nottingham University,
Dr. Emily Morris – researcher and lecturer in Economic Development of Latin America and the Caribbean at UCL
Dr. Steve Ludlam – lecturer and co-author of ‘Right-wing Politics in the New Latin America’
Enrico Tortolano – journalist, researcher and campaigner.
Jackie Simpkins – War on Want
Dr. Marieke Riethof – academic and lecturer at Liverpool University
Omar Puente – Cuban Musician
Dr. Mark Dineen – Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies at the University of Southampton.
Alex Praca – International Trade Union Confederation
Rajesh Makwana – Director of ‘Share the World’s Resources’
Tim Hollins – El Salvador Network (ESNET)
Victoria Brittain – former associate foreign editor of the Guardian, author of several books including ‘Shadow Lives:
The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror’
George Galloway – MP, writer and broadcaster
Matthew Willgress – National coordinator, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign