International Anti-War Conference

10am-5pm 30 November

Emmanuel Centre   Marsham Street  London SW1P 3DW

The US is shifting its military resources to step up its encirclement of China, while at the same time trying to control the unstable situations in both the Middle East and Africa.

Assisted by its allies it continues to sustain the military conflict within Syria, having gone to war to overthrow the Libyan government and assisted the military coup in Egypt that deposed its democratically elected government.

That the US was not able to carry through its threatened missile assault on Syria was due to significant international obstacles that US imperialism proved unable to surmount.

In Britain, the Stop the War Coalition, significantly contributed to Parliament rejecting, for the first time in a century, a major US foreign policy. The movement’s 10-plus years long campaigning helped ensure sufficient anti-war pressure on politicians, resulting in the government’s proposal to join the planned air-strikes on Syria being defeated by 13 votes.

The conference is an opportunity to analyse and debate the fast changing  situation and plan how best to step up opposition to imperialist military ventures.

Initial speakers include:
Jeremy Scahill | Tariq Ali | Tony Benn | Jonathan Steele | Owen Jones | Manik Mukherjee | Lindsey German | Mitra Qayoom | Kate Hudson | Andrew Murray | Sami Ramadani

Tickets £15/£10. To book by phone call 020 7561 4830.


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