Student Assembly Against Austerity

9:30 to 5:30 Saturday 2 November

VENUE: University College London, Christopher Ingold Building, Chemistry Auditorium
20 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AJ Map to location here.

Confirmed speakers include: Tony Benn, Owen Jones – author, Francesca Martinez – comedian, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Natalie Bennett – Green Party Leader, Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ Officer, Sabby Dhalu – Unite Against Fascism, Kate Hudson – Chair of CND, Lindsey German – Stop the War, Shelly Asquith – SU University of the Arts President, Steve Turner – Unite the Union, Alex Kenny – National Union of Teachers, Malia Bouattia – NUS National Executive, Sam Fairbain – Secretary of the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Leah Edwards – Co-President Welfare & Campaigns SOAS SU, Adnan Pavel – Deputy President of London Met University SU, Barnaby Rain – Oxford University anti-war activist, Matt Stanley – NUS National Executive, Amy Gilligan – NUS National Executive, Amelia Womack – Young Greens, Sam Dathi – Counterfire, Fiona Edwards – Student Broad Left, Kate Hurford, Black Students’ Officer Goldsmiths College SU, Speakers from Bring Back EMA Campaign, Kings College London People’s Assembly, Disabled People Against Cuts, Student CND… Plus many more leading student activists and anti-cuts campaigners to be announced!



Scrap fees and cuts – don’t privatise the student loan book
Reverse the rising cost of living – lower our rent, create jobs & bring in a national living wage
Bring back EMA – defending further education
There is an alternative to a lifetime of debt: the case for free education
Rise against racist scapegoating: immigrants and international students are not to blame
The hardest hit: uniting women, Black, disabled and LGBT students against cuts and inequality
Organising the fight-back on campus: direct action, protest and a student assembly on every campus
Fund education not war and climate chaos

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The government’s onslaught against students and wider society is the biggest attack on ordinary people for generations. We must fight it head on.

The fight back across society to the Tory-led attacks is picking up – from strikes to protests – and the student movement is no exception. As students step up campaigns against the government’s plans to privatise the student loans and fight to reverse the rising costs of living that students are facing, the Student Assembly Against Austerity taking place on Saturday 2 November at University College London comes at a crucial time – this is a key opportunity to unite our struggles into a co-ordinated, national movement.

The national Student Assembly Against Austerity can play a key role in ensuring that this uncaring government faces a broad and powerful movement of opposition – and we need every student, campaign, society and Students’ Union who opposes austerity to get involved.

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