Labour should propose a growth plan not spread austerity more widely

26th April 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

The growing recognition that the 2015 election is Labour’s to lose has led to increasing rightwing pressures on the Labour leadership to maintain the essential thrust of ‘austerity’ policy.

The overwhelmingly Tory press focuses on the demand that Ed Miliband in particular commits to maintaining Tory spending plans.

Building the People’s Assembly Against Austerity is the key task of the left

24th April 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

Recent weeks have seen a clear up-tick in the struggle against austerity in Britain.

The nationwide response to the Bedroom Tax, a number of very significant demonstrations against hospital closures, a jump in size of pickets and protests called against other local cuts and the decisions by NUT/NASUWT to call a series of one day strikes are among the evidence for this. The movement against austerity and the cuts has begun to move up a gear for the first time since the student struggles of late 2010 and the 2011/12 pensions’ actions.

Is the Book Of Mormon’s last laugh on the Black communities?

18th April 2013 Socialist Action 0


By Hassan Malik

The Book of Mormon opened last month having come to London on the back of nine Tony awards and rapturous New York reviews. Created by the team behind the successful South Park TV series, it features songs written by the composer from the irreverent Muppet musical Avenue Q.

It is marketed as a satire on the Mormon religion, which there is plenty of material about in the show. However, this is not the only target.

Thatcher – a legacy of destruction

10th April 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

The death of Margaret Thatcher is being shamelessly exploited by her Tory successors, including by awarding her an entirely inappropriate national funeral. This is all in the service of presenting the most divisive British Prime Minister of the 20th century as the most successful post-Churchill Tory leader, an electoral wizard, a paragon of statesmanship, the flame-bearer of liberty and ‘freedom’, a feminist icon and an innovative policy maker.

None are true.