Stop Israel’s assault on Gaza

15th November 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

Yesterday Israel launched a brutal offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip with fighter jets striking at over 150 targets. The air raids continued throughout last night and into today and have resulted in huge numbers of casualties – at least 11 Palestinians have been killed including several children and more than a hundred injured.

photo by: Parti Socialiste

Rightward direction of Hollande government gets clearer

15th November 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Najete Michell

Since being elected on 6 May the Hollande government appeared to lack direction on several issues, reflecting pressures from the right and the left.

Critique of the government has focused on it ‘not communicating’ and for postponing difficult decisions.

All this hesitation succeeded in was to make nobody happy, reflected in a rising dissatisfaction rate, up to 58 per cent in the latest polls.

European TUC day of action: London protest & rally

13th November 2012 Socialist Action 0

Protest: Assemble: 5pm – 5:30pm Wednesday 14 November
European Commission 32 Smith Square Westminster, SW1P 3EU
for march past Parliament to rally
Tubes: St. James’s Park / Westminster  Click here to see map

Rally: Starts: 6:30pm
Upper Hall, Emmanuel Centre  9-23 Marsham Street  Greater London SW1P 3DW Click here for map
With speakers including Tony Benn, the Trade Union’s in Britain and live-streamed from Greece, Spain and Portugal.
Plus footage from the strikes and protests across Europe on that day.

Photo: PIIGS United

Plebs and PIIGS banquet

11th November 2012 Socialist Action 0

5-7pm Monday 12 November

Guildhall, off Gresham Street, London EC2

Protest outside the Lord Mayor’s Banquet against the austerity measures being pursued across Europe

Graph from: Eurostat

EU strikes on 14 November

8th November 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

Unions in a number of European countries have called a mass one-day strike for November 14. It is the first time since the crisis began that co-ordinated industrial action has been organised in a number of different countries. It represents an important step forward in the growing collaboration between the workers’ organisations in a number of countries and poses the question of a European-wide action programme to deal with the crisis.

Obama wins – world to get more of the same

7th November 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

The re-election of Obama as US President rather than a right-wing creationist Republican in hock to the Tea Party movement has naturally pleased progressive opinion in the West.

But the truth is, whichever candidate had won there would be little change, and the indifference to the result reported on the streets of Islamabad, and the coolness of response in China, are a far more accurate response.