Labour Committee on Ireland

After fighting cancer for some time, Redmond O’Neill sadly died in surgery on Wednesday 21 October.

Redmond was not one for the limelight, but his belief in the cause of humanity and his determination to achieve change was relentless.

A vision for London as a world city led by a radical and reforming mayor was made possible by the election of Ken Livingstone – an achievement that would not have been possible without Redmond.

Redmond was at the heart of the Livingstone administration, championing the cause of the poor and oppressed whether in London or around the world. His commitment to explore the possibilities of power bore fruit in a remarkable blend of local and global politics.

He was central to combatting racism in the Capitol and putting diversity at the core of London’s successful Olympic bid.

London’s commitment to world peace was nothing, Redmond believed, if the London Mayor was not seen as a leader of opposition to the Government’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

London leading the fight against climate change; London celebrating women and confronting domestic violence; London supporting the Good Friday Agreement and the cause of peace in Ireland… The Evening Standard would say it was “all from the same song sheet”. And it was…    

Redmond had a personal commitment to Ireland that was unsurpassed. He celebrated his own Irishness and spearheaded a dream for the vitality of London’s St Patrick’s Parade to become – like the Irish – an essential part of London life.

He was a great friend of the Irish Community and the cause of Ireland. In the Labour Committee on Ireland, the Time To Go! Campaign and the many other campaigns in which he was involved, his leadership was inspirational.  

Martin Collins
Labour Committee on Ireland